Business Central Telemetry Part 2: Sending Telemetry to Azure Log Analytics

In my previous blog post, we looked at how to authenticate and call the Business Central Admin Center Telemetry API, we ended up with a response message that we could not deserialize into a C# class.
Luckily some guys from Microsoft stumbled upon my blog post and asked for feedback, which resulted in a backlog item on their side to provide key-value pairs in the response. Thanks guys and keep reading my blog posts 😉

Today we’ll look at how to transform the response into a class that we can then use to create a JSON message that’s importable by Azure Log Analytics.
Azure Log Analytics is the place where logs from all kinds of different resources come together for further analysis, these resources can be virtual machines, logs from Azure Functions or security events from the Azure platform itself, but there’s also a data collector API and that’s where we will send the Business Central telemetry to.