Give my build service for NAV/BC a try

In my last post, The true story behind my build service for NAV/BC I wrote about what it took to build a small, but scalable cloud service.
In this post, I’ve got something to announce, so let’s get started!

From now on I’m offering a free trial period + configuration for companies that are wanting to start with continuous integration for C/AL and/or AL.
Meaning that you’ll be able to use the service for free, without any limitations for a certain amount of time.
I’ll assist with configuring the pipeline in Azure DevOps to kickstart CI in your organization!

Wondering if the service covers your scenario’s? Continue reading…

NAVBaaS is not a toolbox

The most important thing to understand here is that NAVBaaS is a service and not a toolbox.
Where a toolbox contains the tools required for you to do the job, NAVBaaS is a solution which eliminates the need for infrastructure, scripting, in-depth knowledge and it comes with support.
You’ll be running on a SaaS model, where the service gets updated frequently and where new features ‘suddenly’ appear.
Next to that, there’s always room for new features, as long as they’re generic enough and also applicable to other users, so feel free to challenge me!

In short: NAVBaaS covers the end-to-end build process of your C/AL and/or AL solutions, fully integrated with Azure DevOps.

A quick grasp of a couple of features that are in the product:
– C/AL builds from NAV2016 and beyond
– AL builds from NAV2018 and beyond
– Hybrid (C/AL + AL) builds
– AL apps with external dependencies
– AL apps with internal dependencies (dependencies within the same repo)
– Mono as well as multi repo configurations
– Automatically update your app version with the build number for traceability
– Automatically set ‘ShowMyCode’ to the desired value
– Run automated tests
– Check for inactive event subscribers
– Outputs app files, translation files and .bak files for dev/test purposes
And a lot more!

Are you missing a feature?
Do you want to know if the service covers your scenarios?
Are you up for a free trial?

You can reach me directly at

Talk to you soon 🙂


Luc van Vugt · July 1, 2019 at 5:50 am

Using this service I cannot but recommend to give it a try.

Give my build service for NAV/BC a try - Robberse - Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV User Group - Dynamics User Group · June 30, 2019 at 8:01 pm

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