NAVBaaS Git for VS Code: request a new feature!

It has been 7 months since I released my VS Code extension called NAVBaaS Git, a free extension that seamlessly integrates your C/SIDE development with Git and Docker. (you can read all about it here)
With 544 unique installations and almost 1400 downloads, it’s safe to conclude that quite a number of people are or have been using the extension, big thanks for that!
In those 7 months, some small features were added and a few bugs were fixed, but nothing big and now it feels like it’s the right time to give the extension some attention again 🙂

In order to decide on which feature(s) I will add, I need your input!
If you have any ideas like support for multiple Git repositories or the ability to use your locally installed NAV/Business Central environments with the extension, please let me know!

Submitting your crazy ideas

Want to submit your idea, please leave a comment on this blog post or send me an email at before Saturday the 26th of January

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