NAVBaaS Git Feature Update 1.3.0

Just two weeks ago I released the initial version of my VS Code extension NAVBaaS Git at the Dutch Dynamics Community event, in case you missed it, you can catch up here.
At first, I want to thank everyone that downloaded the extension and especially the people that gave me feedback, it’s highly appreciated and please keep giving feedback!

In this blog post, I’ll give you a brief update on the new features that I’ve added to the extension over the last two weeks.

New command: NAVBaaS: Sync. Preview
The sync preview command gives you information about which objects will be imported, exported and/or deleted from your database by the sync command without actually doing the work.

Command NAVBaaS: Create Container – adjust it to your own needs
It is now possible to hook into the Create Container command so that you can tweak it to support your scenario’s, this can be done through two new user settings (should be set manually):
– OnBeforeCreateContainerScriptPath
– OnAfterCreateContainerScriptPath

Within those two scripts, there are a number of variables available that can be set and/or extended, you can read more about it in the README of the extension.

Command NAVBaaS: Create Container – add-in support
A step has been added to the end of the Create Container command to select a folder with add-ins that will be copied to the container.
These add-ins will be copied to a temporary folder, and that folder will be shared with the container during the creation process – so there’s no need to keep the specified add-in folder available as long as the container lives.

New command: NAVBaaS: Sync. Schema Changes
When you’re working with C/SIDE in combination with Docker you might’ve noticed that whenever you make a change to the schema, it’s not possible to sync this change to SQL through C/SIDE.
The only way to do so is to choose for sync option ‘Later’ and then execute the Sync-NAVTenant cmdlet in the container.
To make your life just that little bit easier you can execute the schema synchronization with this command.

New command: NAVBaaS: Compile Objects
In some cases, it’s perfectly possible that you cannot compile an object through C/SIDE because of, for example, dependencies on add-ins that are only available inside the container.
To get your object compiled you should then execute the Compile-NAVApplicationObject cmdlet inside the container, this can now be done with the NAVBaaS: Compile Objects command.

Coming soon: NAVBaaS: Compare
With this command, you’ll be able to compare an object from your Git workspace with an object from your container.
This can be useful when you’ve done some modifications to an object and you want to verify those.

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