Generating AL symbols at compile time

When running AL and C/SIDE side by side you always want to have your symbols up to date, this can be done by starting up finsql.exe with the parameter generatesymbolreference=yes as described here, but it’s also possible to generate symbols at compile time when using the Compile-NAVApplicationObject cmdlet.

For some weird reason the parameters regarding symbol generation were only added to finsql.exe and not to the PowerShell cmdlets (the place where I would expect them)
Luckily there’s a way to hack-in additional parameters to the Compile-NAVApplicationObject cmdlet by abusing the filter parameter as shown below:

This $filter variable can then be passed to the filter parameter of the Compile-NAVApplicationObject cmdlet, please be aware that those odd quotes are really!

This screenshot is taken from the Compile-ObjectsInNavContainer cmdlet in the NavContainerHelper but it’s also perfectly possible to use this in non Docker scenarios.
Thanks to Freddy Kristiansen for sharing this one!

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