Orphaned approval entries

So a few weeks ago I came across this problem and thought I might as well share it with you guys.
Somewhere in the system we had a GET on the purchase document based on the approval entry.
The GET failed so the document was gone, I started looking for a DELETE(FALSE) on the purchase header and came across report 499 – Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders, which did not delete the related approval entries.

Above applies to the following sales and purchase reports:
– 291 Delete Invd Blnkt Sales Orders
– 299 Delete Invoiced Sales Orders
– 491 Delete Invd Blnkt Purch Orders
– 499 Delete Invoiced Purch. Orders
– 5914 Delete Invoiced Service Orders
– 6651 Delete Invd Sales Ret. Orders
– 6661 Delete Invd Purch. Ret. Orders

The reports were fixed in cumulative update 5 for NAV2015, but the records are still out there waiting for a clean up!

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